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How Wireless Synchronized Wall Clock System Works

We offer pre-engineered Pyramid solutions for instant time synchronization between Analog, Digital Wall Clocks and Time Clock Systems. Analog & Digital wireless wall clocks can be set up quickly and easily, using the radio frequency-hopping technology to broadcast between 902 and 928MHz (via Transmitter) , Wireless Network, or utilizing Power/ signal over Ethernet. ALL methods deliver a dependable wireless synchronized clock signal from your NTP Server to your choice of digital or analog wall clocks.


With easy implementation and no FCC license required each synchronized clock is ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. The central time source being captured from GPS, NTP and/or the facility’s internal network, makes for a universal system almost anywhere.

Savings and Efficiency

Save 5 minutes per employee per day and make your organization run like clock work by synchronizing TIME throughout your entire facility, saving thousands of dollars in labor and management costs.

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Wireless Analog Clocks 'Clocks in a Box' Bundle RF Wireless Analog Clocks "Clocks in a Box" Bundle

Sync your entire facility including networked computers to the same time! - Up to 250,000 sq. ft. coverage (more upon request) - Does not lose time during power outages - Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. This bundle includes (5) 13' Analog Clocks with Batteries, Transmitter, and TimeTrax Synch Software.

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Wireless LCD Digital Battery Clocks 'Clocks in a Box' Bundle Wireless LCD Digital Battery Clocks "Clocks in a Box" Bundle

These LCD Pyramid TimeTrax Sync Wireless Clocks receive a wireless time signal directly from the included Pyramid Transmitter   eliminating the need to climb a ladder to adjust the time for corrections, daylight savings or power outages. The LCD Battery Operated Wireless Digital Clock is easy to install and operate, requires no FCC license and comes with a 3-year manufacturer   limited warranty. Simply install two 3.6 volt lithium batteries, and mount to wall (optional security bracket available). The two batteries provide the clock system with an operational life of well over 5 years before maintenance is required. The energy efficient, highly visible LCD display features bright, clear, and concise numbers (2.5' high) with 6 digits (including the second indicator)giving it a viewing distance of up to 75ft.

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Wireless POE Clocks-in-a-Box Analog Bundle Wireless POE Clocks-in-a-Box Analog Bundle

Sync your entire facility including networked computers to the same time!This bundle includes (5) 13' Analog Network Clocks (POE Ready) and Windows Based TimeTrax Sync software with auto device discovery & universal or individual device time source/zone selection capability. Batteries included.

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