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AccuBanker D450 Bleached Bills Counterfeit Detector with Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Infrared Counterfeit Detection Royal Sovereign RCD-3 Counterfeit Bill Detector with Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Watermark Detection Royal Sovereign RCD-2120 Counterfeit Bill Detector with Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Watermark Detection
The AccuBanker D450 automatically detects counterfeit U.S. bills in less than 1 second using ultraviolet markings, magnetic ink, and infrared scan methods. Bills that fail or pass are notified by audible and visual warning. Designed for US Currency. The Royal Sovereign RCD-3 counterfeit currency detector offers ultraviolet, magnetic and watermark verification systems to spot counterfeit notes. New from Royal Sovereign, the RCD-2120 is completely automatic and accurate currency detector that indicates counterfeit bill in less than a second. This unit is compact, lightweight and portable - great space and time saver for any business! Multifunctional detection functions include IR, MG, Spectrum and Imaging verification.
AccuBanker D580 Pro Authenticator Multi Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection Cassida SmartCheck Counterfeit Bill Detector with Automatic Swipe and Ultraviolet Detection Royal Sovereign RCD-2000 Counterfeit Bill Detector with Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Watermark and Microprint Detection
Royal Sovereign RCD-2000 Counterfeit 4-Way Bill Detector

Product Price: $39.00
Sale Price: $33.99
The AccuBanker D580 has the ability to count bills and detect counterfeits from various countries and display their value and authenticity in several different languages.  Also, has the option to connect to a printer for fast and accurate reporting. The Cassida SmartCheck immediately alerts when a counterfeit bill is swiped, eliminating a hassle of searching for a UV security thread. Features UV illumination for verification of checks, credit cards, driver's licenses, passports, etc. Its ultra compact size makes it the perfect choice for any retail, office, or restaurant setting. Royal Sovereign's RCD-2000 offers 4-Way detection including ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark and micro print verification. Its compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.
Cassida Quatro 4-Way Counterfeit Detector Cassida Omni ID detects bills and fake IDs Cassida InstaCheck Automatic Currency Detector
The Cassida Quatro Counterfeit Bill detector eliminates the need to feet the bills 'correct way'. The Quattro allows you to insert bills in any orientation – face up or face down – and instantly know whether a bill is genuine or suspect. Easy to understand PASS and FAIL indicators show if bills are legitimate or should be rejected. The Cassida Omni-ID can be used for detecting both - counterfeit bills and fake ID's at once. Easy to understand PASS and FAIL indicators show if bills are legitimate or should be rejected. Easy and instant currency authentication
Automatic and immediate indication whether the bill is legitimate currency - no manual detection required! A green light signals good currency; a red light and multiple beeps tell you the bill is suspect. InstaCheck model includes infrared and magnetic ink counterfeit detection methods.

Works with all U.S. denominations
The InstaCheck is sized specifically to take U.S. dollars, so feeding bills is easy and assures fewer dimension errors than other similar detectors. Works great with NEW $100 BILLS!

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