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Time clock systems help businesses improve bottom line by saving on time theft, elimination of manual errors, improved efficiency, and increased employee morale.

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Amano TimeGuardian HP1000E Biometric System - NETWORK READY Amano TimeGuardian HP1000E Biometric System - NETWORK READY

Amano Time Guardian HP1000E Hand Reader Ethernet System comes ready for 100 employees. The Hand Reader is the best solution against 'buddy punching' and works well in almost any environment. Features of the TimeGuardian software include customizable punch rounding rules, unlimited departments, automatic terminal polling, schedules and flexible pay policies including holiday tracking.

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AT3000R electronic time clock Time Clock and Date Stamp - AT-3000R Bundle

AT-3000R Multi-Purpose Time Clock is a versatile time recorder that can be used as an employee time clock or automatic time/date stamp. If offers preset messages that can be combined with automatic date to stamp documents. It supports multiple languages and offers a wide variety of selectable print formats.

Product Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $169.99
Savings: $29.01