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Pin Entry (Keypad) RFID (Proximity) Magnetic Swipe
Barcode Swipe

Some of the most popular employee time and attendance systems use a plastic badge (a wallet sized card) or other fob as a punch in method. Many of these systems are Proximity driven, meaning they have a radio frequency identification (RFID) transceiver built into the hardware. Additional badge configurations may include Barcode, Magnetic swipe and HID. Most of these time clock terminals have numeric keypads to allow for option personal identification number (PIN) code entry method as well. Time tracking security can be enhanced by issuing badges (and refraining from issuing PIN codes) and implementing a policy whereby employees are required to carry their badges at all times. While time clock fraud can be costly; in many instances “buddy punching” is a crime of convenience. By spot checking or overseeing the clock, administrators can create an atmosphere that cuts down on such theft.

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Compumatic XLS-21 Proximity/Pin System Compumatic XLS-21 WiFi Ready Proximity/Pin System

Compumatic XLS-21 Proximity/Pin Attendance System is WiFi enabled, comes ready for 25 employees and is upgradable to additional supervisors, employees, or multiple clocks. This easy to use system   includes 90-days of Free Technical Support. Employee punch IN and OUT by either using the clock's keypad or RFID Badge (not included).

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Amano TimeGuardian MTX-30P Proximity Badge System Amano TimeGuardian MTX-30P Proximity System Package WiFi Ready

Amano TimeGuardian MTX-30P Proximity Package is WiFi Network Ready. Features include customizable punch rounding rules, unlimited departments, automatic terminal polling, schedules and flexible pay policies including holiday tracking. Employees can transfer departments at the clock or check their punch information.

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