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Compumatic CompuTime Upgrade to Pro Software
Compumatic CompuTime Upgrade to Pro Software

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Additional Features Provided by the Pro Upgrade Include:

  • Shift Definition (up to 999) -- Each employee can be assigned a different shift and shifts can be assigned by day (such as shift 1 Monday-Thursday, shift 3 on Friday). Shift rules include the following features:
  • Revision Zones (3 in/3 out) -- Unauthorized overtime is controlled by not calculating time before and after defined shift times. (Revision zones can be overridden by a Supervisor at any time on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Punch Rounding -- Round punches to a quarter hour with flexible break points. In punches can be rounded differently than out punches.  Two exempt zones can be defined during which time punches are not rounded.
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction (2 Levels) -- Based on continuous hours worked, automatically deduct lunch.  Ability to set a larger deduction for longer shifts.
  • Paid/Unpaid Break -- Based on duration, qualify breaks to be paid or unpaid. A minimum deduction can be enforced for employees that punch out for less time than required.
  • Overtime Override -- Apply overtime rates to an entire day -- such as all Saturday and/or Sunday hours are overtime.  For employees that are subject to different levels than the rest of the company, set custom overtime levels.
  • Enhanced Early/Late Tracking -- Determine if an employee arrived early/late or left early/late by shift.  This report will also flag all early/late punches and provide a count of occurrences for each item.
  • Daily Hours Budget -- Identify wasted labor hours by tracking expected versus actual hours for each shift.

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