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Compumatic XLS-21 Proximity/Pin System Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System - ETHERNET Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity System
Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity System

Product Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Compumatic XLS-21 Proximity/Pin Attendance System is WiFi enabled, comes ready for 25 employees and is upgradable to additional supervisors, employees, or multiple clocks. This easy to use system   includes 90-days of Free Technical Support. Employee punch IN and OUT by either using the clock's keypad or RFID Badge (not included). Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Proximity Ethernet time clock system offers touch-free Proximity Badge clocking with RFID Proximity card. Complete kit includes 50 employee TimeTrax Software (upgradable to 500). Multiple station timeclocks can be connected to your LAN or WAN network allowing employees to punch in and out from any time location. Complete time clock kit includes proximity terminal, software, and 15 employee badges. The TimeTrax Elite Proximity System comes ready for keeping track of 50 employees (upgradeable to 6000) time and attendance.  Has ethernet connectivity with Windows based software allowing for simple exporting of reports to your payroll provider.  Coordinates easily with other Pyramid clocks.
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Proximity System Icon Prox-E Ethernet RFID Badge System with TimeVue
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Proximity System comes ready for 50 employees (upgradable to 250) and offers versatile connection via network (LAN Only), direct connection to a PC or USB stick download. Multiple terminals can be connected to your network.  It is an ideal solution for remote location(s) where PC is not available -- simply download the data to a USB stick and then upload the data into the computer. The PROXe Employee Time Clock combines the best features of the Proximity badge technology with Ethernet connectivity. The PROXe Employee Time Clock enables simultaneous, multiple clock use, and supports 50 employees (expandable to 200 employees per terminal). While employees use a badge to clock IN and OUT, optional PIN entry at the clock eliminates downtime if a badge is lost or misplaced. The clock allows to enter tips, and accepts deparment changes.