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Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System - ETHERNET Acroprint 125 Time Clock
Acroprint 125 Time Clock

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Acroprint TimeQ Plus Fingerprint System ships as a complete kit (Software and Time Clock) for up to 125 employees. It offers multiple connection methods (via network, direct to PC or USB stick download) and supports multiple clocks. Windows based software tracks up to 12 shifts and allows employees to check hours worked or transfer departments right at the time clock. Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Proximity Ethernet time clock system offers touch-free Proximity Badge clocking with RFID Proximity card. Complete kit includes 50 employee TimeTrax Software (upgradable to 500). Multiple station timeclocks can be connected to your LAN or WAN network allowing employees to punch in and out from any time location. Complete time clock kit includes proximity terminal, software, and 15 employee badges. Acroprint 125 Time Clock is a durable and rugged heavy duty time recorder.  It can withstand high volume use and a harsh environments. Model 125 features rust resistant case and easy to read, large analog clock face. To avoid overprinting, employees push button on top of the clock to one the time card is positioned.
Cassida Advantec-75 Advanced Currency Counter Cassida C100 Coin Counter and Sorter
The Heavy Duty Bill Counter Advantec 75 is high-speed high-volume commercial bill counting machine. Built-in remote displays the reason and suggested remedy for detection alerts. Features counting speed up to 1,500 bills per minute and Optional UV or UV/MG detection. C100 coin counter separates coins into individual drawers, displays total count and total value for each denomination, has a hopper capacity of 1,500 coins and counts 250 coins per minute.
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