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Time Punch Only - Side Feed
Time Punch Only - Top Load

Paper time card recorders represent a significant portion of employee time and attendance hardware. These “punch clocks” have an appeal due to their legacy as dependable methods of hourly time tracking. Many service centers will also utilize this sort of timeclock to track jobs, tickets, work orders and other task related documents. Side print time clocks (as their name implies) allow for time cards or other sheets of paper to be aligned with a guide which triggers a mechanism that sets the print head into motion. Work Times can be then seen by the employee which can help avoid confusion at the end of the pay period. Other paper card based time clocks are known as “top loaders;” these more advanced clocks align specific time cards with each new punch to avoid overprinting (which is possible with side printer style models.) Most top load time clocks are capable of calculating the running daily and weekly time totals for employees. Advanced systems can calculate daily as well as weekly overtime. Calculating time clocks offer a very solid value because they save time in the time totaling payroll process and preempt any possibility of key stroke and misalignment errors.

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AT 2700 Time Clock for Small Business AT3000 electronic time clock Icon SP250 Electronic Time Date Stamp
Small Business Time Clock - AT 2700

Product Price: $179.00
Sale Price: $119.99
Time Clock and Date Stamp - AT-3000 Bundle

Product Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $159.99
Simple employee time clock from Allied Time that can be set up in minutes and is affordable to any size business. It features fully automatic top load time card feed to eliminate overprinting. Employees simply drop-in their time card for quick and accurate punch record. Each AT-2700 Time Recorder ships with (4) sample packs of time cards, (2) ribbons (1-installed), (2) free 10 capacity time card racks, (4) keys and user manual. AT-3000 Multi-Purpose Time Clock is a versatile time recorder that can be used as an employee time clock or automatic time/date stamp. If offers preset messages that can be combined with automatic date to stamp documents. It supports multiple languages and offers a wide variety of selectable print formats. Icon SP250 is inexpensive and easy to use versatile time recorder. It is ready to go, right out of the box. Employees can use the illuminated printing area to ensure proper timecard alignment for clocking IN and OUT. The electric coil print system punches cards precisely, ensuring accurate timekeeping for payroll. The SP-250 works with any standard side feed timecard, which means that you don't have to buy specialize time cars for compatibility!
Allied Time AT-4500 Pyramid 3500 Time Clock/Date Stamp Amano PIX-25 Time Clock
Pyramid 3500 Time Clock/Date Stamp

Product Price: $209.99
Sale Price: $199.00
Amano PIX-25 Time Clock

Product Price:
The AT-4500 Calculating Time Recorder is ideal for small businesses with less than 50 employees. Easy to use (employees simply drop-in the card with no buttons to press), this model will total regular and overtime (weekly or daily) hours and will allow optional rounding and auto-lunch break deduction rules. Pyramid 3500 is an inexpensive clock that can be used for employee time cards as well as a time/date stamp.  Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD display, it comes with twelve selectable messages and is extremely easy to set up and use. Amano's PIX-25 time clock can be used for employee time recording or for document stamping. PIX-25 can stamp any combination of date, time or built-in message. Lithium battery maintains data in case of power outage. The perpetual calendar automatically advances year, month, and date and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
Acroprint ATR-120 Time Recorder Acroprint 125 Time Clock Acroprint ES-700 Atomic Time Recorder
Acroprint ATR-120R Time Recorder

Product Price:
Acroprint 125 Time Clock

Product Price:
Acroprint ES-700 Atomic Time Recorder

Product Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $229.00
Acroprint's ATR120 Top-Load Automatic Time Recorder is a great choice for small companies looking for an inexpensive time clock solution. Some of the features include automatic positioning of the card to avoid overprinting, selectable print format, optional two-color printing, built-in battery protection and more. Acroprint 125 Time Clock is a durable and rugged heavy duty time recorder.  It can withstand high volume use and a harsh environments. Model 125 features rust resistant case and easy to read, large analog clock face. To avoid overprinting, employees push button on top of the clock to one the time card is positioned. Acroprint ES-700 fast-speed time recorder offers fast and quiet operation. It can be used as a time clock or document stamp. The ES-700 has automatic day, date and month changes and maintains correct time in case of power outages. Excellent choice for a variety of time-date stamping applications.
Amano TCX-21 Electronic Time Clock Amano TCX-45 Atomic Time Clock Amano PIX-200 Atomic Time Clock
Amano TCX-21 Electronic Time Clock

Product Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $229.00
Amano TCX-45 Atomic Time Clock

Product Price:
Amano TCX-21 Electronic Time Clock is a durable clock that combines the power of electronics and the simplicity of a conventional time clock. Made in the USA. Amano TCX-45 electronic time clock offers excellent quality, sets up in minutes and is very easy to use. Some of the features of the TCX-45 include selectable print format, time synchronization to atomic clock, and automatic daylight saving time changes. Amano PIX200 Atomic Time Clock can be used to stamp date, time, custom message or consecutive number in any combination. Custom imprint available with programmable alphanumeric characters. Optional Signal Board can be purchased for external low voltage Bell or Horn connection.
Icon CT-900 Calculating Time Recorder Lathem 2100 Series Heavy Duty Time Clock Lathem 800P Thermal Printing Time Recorder
Icon CT-900 Calculating Time Clock is a reliable stand-alone cost effective employee tracking option for businesses with less than 100 employees. Designed to accommodate any popular pay cycle, it calculates pay period total hours and can deduct lunches automatically. Optional features include interface with external signal device and operational power reserve. Lathem 2100 Time Clock is a durable and rugged heavy duty time recorder that can withstand high volume use and harsh environments. It has all steel construction and an easy to read, large analog clock face. To avoid overprinting, employees push button on top of clock to print on standard side feed time cards. Lathem 800P Time Clock provides quiet printing of employees' in and out times.  It automatically triggers an imprint when a time card is properly inserted.  Thermal printer requires no ribbon.  25 cards are included FREE.