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Icon Time RTC1000 Employee Time Clock AT 2500 Time Clock for Small Business Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric
The RTC1000 system can be accessed from any PC Browser by web, network, or USB. Ideal for companies with basic work rules that have less than 250 employees. RTC-1000 offers unlimited supervisor access, real-time data viewing, and other options to improve your Time & Attendance Process. Simple employee time clock from Allied Time that can be set up in minutes and is affordable to any size business. It features top load time card feed to eliminate overprinting. Four column positions allow up to 4-punches daily. The clock has a large, easy-to-read digital display. Each AT-2500 Time Recorder ships with a sample pack of 25 time cards and a free 10 capacity time card rack. Acroprint TimeQ Plus Fingerprint System ships as a complete kit (Software and Time Clock) for up to 125 employees. It offers multiple connection methods (via network, direct to PC or USB stick download) and supports multiple clocks. Windows based software tracks up to 12 shifts and allows employees to check hours worked or transfer departments right at the time clock.
Amano MJR 7000 Calculating Time Clock Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System - USB Lathem FR650 Face Recognition System
Heavy duty calculating time clock with 100 employee capacity. Will handle weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly pay periods as well as 24-hour operations.  Rounding, automatic lunch deductions, two levels of daily or weekly overtime and optional automatic break deductions are some of the features of the MJR-7000. MJR-7000 includes free lifetime programming via telephone. Pyramid TimeTrax EZ employee time clock system designed for small business with less than 25 employees. Time clock connects directly to your PC via USB Port. Windows based TimeTrax software will calculate regular time and overtime hours (including CA overtime) based on a few simple work rules. Complete system includes badge swipe terminal, TimeTrax EZ software, cable with USB adaptor and 25 employee badges. Lathem FR650 FaceIn employes facial recognition technology for secure and instant employee identification. This biometric time clock system is ready for 50 employees (upgradable to 150) and offers a hygienic alternative to fingerprint or hand readers while still eliminating costly 'buddy punching'.
Amano TimeGuardian HP1000E Biometric System - NETWORK READY Acroprint ES-700 Atomic Time Recorder Acroprint ES-900 Time Recorder
Acroprint ES-900 Time Recorder

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Amano Time Guardian HP1000E Hand Reader Ethernet System comes ready for 100 employees. The Hand Reader is the best solution against 'buddy punching' and works well in almost any environment. Features of the TimeGuardian software include customizable punch rounding rules, unlimited departments, automatic terminal polling, schedules and flexible pay policies including holiday tracking. Acroprint ES-700 fast-speed time recorder offers fast and quiet operation. It can be used as a time clock or document stamp. The ES-700 has automatic day, date and month changes and maintains correct time in case of power outages. Excellent choice for a variety of time-date stamping applications. Acroprint ES-900 Time Recorder can be set to print in any format and can be set to identify employee punches that are before or after the normal punching period.  Optional operational battery back-up and signal control are also available for the ES-700.
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