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Lathem 7500E Atomic Calculating Time Recorder Lathem DWA-S Sonachron Signal Device Lathem LT-5000 Time Recorder
Lathem 7500E automatically calculates worked regular and overtime hours for up to 100 employees. It synchronizes time with the atomic clock and works with well with any pay periods.  When set for 'job mode' this clock will calculate accurate hours spent on each job. The 7500E also supports an automatic break deduction from daily totals. Lathem DWA-S Signal Device is a stand-alone device that is ideal for controlling signaling horns and bells.  It can also be used for controlling the ON/OFF status of electrical devices such as HVAC or appliances.  Because of the ease of programming of exact minute and weekday for each event, it is widely used by schools and various industries. Lathem LT-5000 Time Recorder/Document Stamp features patented TWO LINE printing technology at a single insertion. Print selection includes 15 preset messages and 30 preset print formats, but you can easily customize this machine to print your own text, message, comment and/or number along with the date and time.
Lathem 1500E Atomic Time Recorder Lathem 800P Thermal Printing Time Recorder Lathem 2100 Series Heavy Duty Time Clock
Lathem 1600E Atomic Electronic Time Recorder/Document Stamp always has the correct time!  It synchronizes to the U.S. Atomic Clock via radio waves. Print selection includes thirteen preset messages and fourteen preset print formats.  French, Spanish or Portuguese languages also available. Lathem 800P Time Clock provides quiet printing of employees' in and out times.  It automatically triggers an imprint when a time card is properly inserted.  Thermal printer requires no ribbon.  25 cards are included FREE. Lathem 2100 Time Clock is a durable and rugged heavy duty time recorder that can withstand high volume use and harsh environments. It has all steel construction and an easy to read, large analog clock face. To avoid overprinting, employees push button on top of clock to print on standard side feed time cards.
Lathem PC Badges Lathem 800P Semi Monthly Time Cards, Box of 1000 Lathem 800P Biweekly Time Cards, Box of 1000
Lathem PC-Series Magnetic Badges

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Pack of Fifty Lathem badges for use with Lathem PC100 system. Numbered #51-100. Lathem 800P Thermal Print Semi Monthly Time Cards, Box of 1000 (500 cards for 1st-15th and 500 cards for 16th through 31st) Lathem 800P Thermal Print Biweekly Time Cards, Box of 1000  (Two weeks on one side of card)
Lathem Operational Battery Backup for 7000 Series Clocks Lathem Proximity Badges (pack of 15) Lathem E2 2-Sided Bi-Weekly Time Cards, Box of 1000
Lathem Full Operational Battery Back Up for 7000 series.  (24 Hour or 100 Print operation) Pack of fifteen Lathem proximity badges for use with Lathem LX100 door lock and PC50 system. Lathem E2, Double Sided BiWeekly Time Cards, Box of 1000
Lathem E7 Time Cards for 7000E/7500E, Box of 500 Lathem Proximity Key Fobs (pack of five) Lathem 5000EP/6000E/7000E/7500E Keys, Set of 2
Lathem E7 Double Sided Time Cards for Models 7000E/7500E Calculating Time Recorder, Box of 500 Pack of five Lathem proximity key fobs for use with LX100 door lock and PC500 system. Also fits Acroprint (non-atomic) models ES700, ES900