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Icon Prox-E Ethernet RFID Badge System with TimeVue Icon CT-900 Calculating Time Recorder Icon SP250 Electronic Time Date Stamp
The PROXe Employee Time Clock combines the best features of the Proximity badge technology with Ethernet connectivity. The PROXe Employee Time Clock enables simultaneous, multiple clock use, and supports 50 employees (expandable to 200 employees per terminal). While employees use a badge to clock IN and OUT, optional PIN entry at the clock eliminates downtime if a badge is lost or misplaced. The clock allows to enter tips, and accepts deparment changes. Icon CT-900 Calculating Time Clock is a reliable stand-alone cost effective employee tracking option for businesses with less than 100 employees. Designed to accommodate any popular pay cycle, it calculates pay period total hours and can deduct lunches automatically. Optional features include interface with external signal device and operational power reserve. Icon SP250 is inexpensive and easy to use versatile time recorder. It is ready to go, right out of the box. Employees can use the illuminated printing area to ensure proper timecard alignment for clocking IN and OUT. The electric coil print system punches cards precisely, ensuring accurate timekeeping for payroll. The SP-250 works with any standard side feed timecard, which means that you don't have to buy specialize time cars for compatibility!
SB-100 PRO Advanced Pack Upgrade TimeVue Lite Upgrade to 100 Employees TimeVue Autopoll Module
SB-100 PRO Advanced Pack Upgrade

Product Price:
TimeVue Autopoll Module

Product Price:

SB-100 PRO Advanced Pack Upgrade Features (V2.0 Only):

  • Includes 50-Employee Limit
  • Allows Multiple Clocks connected to a Single System
  • Add Custom Notes to employee punches
  • Create Custom Employee ID Numbers
  • Enhance your Reporting Options
Upgrade TimeVue Lite from 50 to 100 Employees AutoPoll downloads your clock's data automatically and updates reports continuously throughout the day.
SB/RTC 5-Employee Web Punch Licenses SB/RTC Rules Plus Pack Upgrade SB/RTC Mobility Pack Upgrade
SB/RTC Rules Plus Pack Upgrade

Product Price:
SB/RTC Mobility Pack Upgrade

Product Price:

Allows employees to punch IN/OUT via Web Browser (25 Employees Max, V2.0 Only)

  • Employees Clock IN/OUT from Web Browser over Intranet or Internet
  • Employees can view total hours, last punch, and do Break/Department Transfer
  • iPhone GPS integration allows manager to see employee's location on Google Maps
    Sold in Sets of 5 Employee Licenses
This option activates the use of Revision Zones and enhanced Overtime Preferences for your punches.

Revision Zones: help manage payroll costs by preventing employees from gaining extra time by clocking IN early or OUT late.

Enhanced Overtime Preferences: allow you to customize your overtime multipliers and adds level 2 overtime that can be set by day, week, or consecutive day.

Benefit Hours: Track and Accrue Benefit Hours including Sick, Vacation, and Personal Time-Off

With automatic emailing of alerts your employee time clock does the work for you! Send email alerts to managers or employees to an unlimited number of recipients.
The Mobility Pack also includes the SSL option to help keep your data secure and protected when accessed online.

Email Alerts Include:

  • Approaching Overtime - find out ahead of time if employee is going to hit overtime
  • High Hours - notifies you when employee works too many hours
  • Low Hours – notifies you when an employee works to few hours
  • Log Punches – great for keeping in touch while on the road
RTC 1000 Upgrade to 100-Employees SB-100 Upgrade to 50-Employees Icon RFID Badges - Pack of 25
SB-100 Upgrade to 50-Employees

Product Price:
Icon RFID Badges - Pack of 25

Product Price:
Upgrade RTC1000 Time Clock from 50 to 100 Employees Upgrade SB-100-PRO Time Clock from 25 to 50 Employees

Pack of 25 RFID Badges for Icon RTC1000, TimeVue Prox, SB100 Systems

Icon TL300 Weekly/Bi-Weekly Time Cards, Box of 1,000 Icon TL300 Semi-Monthly/Monthly Time Cards, Box of 1,000 Operational Battery Backup (2-Hrs) for Icon Time Clock
Operational Battery Backup will keep your time clock working in case of power outage for up to two hours.