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Fingerprint readers, facial recognition and hand reader hardware are all becoming the preferred employee time and attendance clock-in method. These time clocks offer security against time theft or buddy punching. Fingerprint reader time clocks are most commonly used in office environments by office workers with clean fingers. For rougher environments the facial reader and hand reader time systems are somewhat more appropriate. Cloud hosted or software as a service (Saas) biometric terminals combine the security of identity verification with the ease and efficiency of web based time and attendance.

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AT5000 Fingerprint Time Clock BioTouch Biometric Time Clock Compumatic XLS-BIO Biometric Fingerprint System
Employee Time Clock - Acroprint BioTouch

Product Price: $264.99
Sale Price: $209.99
New from Allied Time, the AT-5000 Fingerprint time clock calculates employee hours worked and reports to Excel (via USB Download) or to built-in Thermal Printout. It is a stand alone biometric device that requires no software to install or network to configure. Operational battery backup included for easy portability. New from Acroprint, BioTouch Fingerprint time clock is stand alone biometric device that works with Excel and requires no software to install or network to configure. Use included USB Flash Drive to download employee punches directly to Excel Spreadsheet. Compumatic XLS-BIO Biometric Fingerprint System comes ready for 25 employees. Connect fingerprint clock to your network or use optional USB flash drive for remote employee punch transfer to your PC. This employee system is easy-to-use, includes 90-Days Free Technical Support, and can expand with your business needs.
FingerTec TA300 Biometric Desktop Time Attendance System Compumatic CFR-20/20 Face Recognition System Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Elite Fingerprint System
Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Elite Fingerprint System

Product Price: $359.99
Sale Price: $349.00
The FingerTec TA300 is a desktop standalone fingerprint reader that runs on an internal operational battery making it an ideal choice for 'on-the-go' time and attendance needs such as; training centers, tuition centers, construction sites, etc.  With a 5 hour internal operational battery, the TA300 provides convenience to users at a very competitive price. Employees clock IN and OUT using the fingerprint scanner and at the end of the day, data can be downloaded via USB cable into a PC using the included TCMS V2 software. This touch-less biometric system uses facial recognition (or optional rfid badge) technology to identify employees instantly.  Package comes 25-employee ready with CompuTime Software included. Competitively priced, this system will be a particularly strong asset for your business. Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Elite is our only Fingerprint Time Clock that is manufactured in the US. Complete package comes ready with Windows Based Software to track up to 50 employees and can be upgraded to multiple clocks and additional employee capacity as needed.
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric Lathem FR650 Face Recognition System Amano Time Guardian FPT80 Biometric Fingerprint System
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Fingerprint System ships as a complete kit (Software and Time Clock) for up to 125 employees. It offers multiple connection methods (via network, direct to PC or USB stick download) and supports multiple clocks. Windows based software tracks up to 12 shifts and allows employees to check hours worked or transfer departments right at the time clock. Lathem FR650 FaceIn employes facial recognition technology for secure and instant employee identification. This biometric time clock system is ready for 50 employees (upgradable to 150) and offers a hygienic alternative to fingerprint or hand readers while still eliminating costly 'buddy punching'. This Biometric Fingerprint System can be connected via USB or Network.  It comes ready for 100 employees (upgradable to 250). Features include full color screen,customizable punch rounding rules, unlimited departments, automatic terminal polling, schedules and flexible pay policies including holiday tracking. Department transfers can be performed at clock terminal.  Punch history, total hours and department tranfers can be seen by employees on clock screen.
FingerTec TA103C Biometric Fingerprint System
TotalPass Biometric Small Business Time Clock

Product Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $499.00
FingerTec TA103C Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance System offers versatile communications options and can handle up to 1,500 employee fingerprints. This New unit from Fingertec comes with Large, easy to read Color Display. The system can store up to 100,000 transactions per terminal. FingerTec TA103C offers an optional download for payroll export and can be used as remote clock with USB Flash Drive data download option. Acroprint FaceVerify eliminates employee buddy punching by employing hands-free biometric face recognition. Employees simply look at the terminal to Clock IN or OUT. Other punch in/out options include proximity badge or a PIN (or any combination of these). PC-punch is also available at no extra charge. Complete kit includes software and hardware for 100-employees (can be upgraded). Lightning fast, the TotalPass Biometric time clock features the next generation of security that combines fingerprint and camera technology, with 100% photo verification, making buddy-punching a thing of the past. The TotalPass Biometric Fingerprint system features patent-pending employee self-enrollment process, minimizing overhead for the administrators.
Compumatic MB1000 Face Recognition System FingerTec TA200 PLUS Biometric / RFID Time & Attendance System Lathem FR700 Face Recognition System
Compumatic MB1000 Face Recognition System uses facial recognition or fingerprint technology to identify employees instantly.  This 50-employee ready (upgradable to unlimited employees), network system is a must to grow with your business. Equipped with large storage capacity, plus the large colored screen with straightforward icons, the FingerTec TA200 Plus is an excellent choice for any office time & attendance needs. It offers convenience with multiple methods of verification, which include fingerprint, password and/or RFID card. Optional Wi-Fi available for Wireless Connectivity. POE Capable (order adapter). Lathem FR700 is a complete time attendance and access control system that uses facial recognition technology to identify employees instantly. RIFD Badge can be used as alternative for clocking IN and OUT. This network system is ready for 100 employees and offers a hygienic alternative to fingerprint or hand readers while still eliminating costly 'buddy punching'.